Ryan Moon is a native Oregonian and currently lives in beautiful Southern Oregon.  He studied at Southern Oregon Art Academy where he graduated and soon after began teaching. He enjoyed teaching drawing and oil painting at the academy for six years as well as guest teaching at local high schools, before transitioning to a new arena of arts as a graphic artist, photographer, and videographer.  Ryan cofounded UB Productions, an online artist coalition, along with world renowned tattoo artist and painter Jeff Gogué.  All the while he continued to draw and oil paint, inspired by his emersion in the art culture, finding his voice through his craft.  He seeks to make pieces of artwork that are engaging and memorable. He focuses mainly in portraiture because he is fascinated by the human element and the uniqueness of each individual person. He strives to create depth and emotion in every mark he makes. Naturally a portrait artist is challenged as they try to create the illusion that their subject is in a three dimensional space when they are working with only two dimensional materials. He intensionally uses his mediums and brush strokes in a way that creates this space, yet reminds the viewer that they are looking simply at paint on a board.


Ryan's art has been featured in local galleries, as a book cover for Shipwrecks and Storm Clouds by Jim Wright, and in many private collectors' residences across the states.  Ryan has painted many outstanding portraits as commissioned works and he also sells prints online.  He currently teaches part-time as Art Instructor at Reach Charter School, runs a successful web design business, and of course, paints as often as possible.